Secret Bead-Along

My Ultimate SummerChallenge with Jean Power’s National Secret Bead-along.
We created with hundreds of other beaders the same necklace in one week….

As always I am superlate to finish and show my work…
So this is it, hope you like it…




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FUSION: Flower 100% handmade by 'Josine Leona' , beaded necklace made by me...

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Result of National Beading Week July


Finally I finished my necklace.

I participated with 4000 beaders over the whole world ‘the National beading week secret bead- along’ organized by the talented Jean Power.

We received in that week, every day a pattern of a flower pendant, on the sixth day, the pattern of the rope and on the seventh day we did the assembling of the necklace.

A big thank you to Jean, for such a fun project!

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Barok Earrings

Barok Earrings Made with 8mm Renaissance pearls, Swarovski drops, and Miyuki delica and rocailles.

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Anillo Nenya

Anillo NenyaLang geleden dat ik nog iets gepost heb! De winter komt eraan dus wordt het weer hobby-tijd. Yess!

Het schema van deze barokring komt van Elendili, en heeft eigenlijk wat weg van een zeeuwse knoop, vind ik…

Wat denken jullie?


(foto bron:





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My piece of jewelry

IMG_0136IMG_0152This is my creation for the Contest of Sanniesieraden! (Contestor number 18!)

For The Best Dutch Beadworkartist 2014

It was such a honour to join this contest. I did not expect to win at all…Actually this is my second piece of bead embroidery. Perhaps to soon to join a contest, because the other contestors are big Bead Embroidery Artists!!!Also the jury was really impressive! Big names in the Beading  World such as Sherry Hutchison Serafini, Diane Hyde, Sabine Lippert, Melissa Grakowsky Shippee, Eva Maria Keizer, Edgar Lopez – Disenos II and Sannie! I did not win but I enjoyed it a lot &  learned a lot!!

If you are interested to see the amazing Beadwork of the other contestors & winners, follow the link:

Contest organized by Sannie:

Have a Great  Labour Day, Everyone!!!


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Contest Sanniesieraden

Contest SannieIn November, last year, I participated to join a contest by Sannie’s Sieraden.

All the participants received a package with all kind of beads, (see picture). We had the choice to make any kind of jewelry, as long that every kind of bead is used in our beadwork! Yes, also the spikes!

See next message for the result!


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Bead Embroidered Cuff

Bead Embroidered CuffThis is my first Beaded Embroidered Cuff, which I finished in December. Made with Hematite cabochons, glass pearls, sweet water pearls,and rocailles. For the backing I used black leather.

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