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Result of National Beading Week July


Finally I finished my necklace.

I participated with 4000 beaders over the whole world ‘the National beading week secret bead- along’ organized by the talented Jean Power.

We received in that week, every day a pattern of a flower pendant, on the sixth day, the pattern of the rope and on the seventh day we did the assembling of the necklace.

A big thank you to Jean, for such a fun project!

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Contest Sanniesieraden

Contest SannieIn November, last year, I participated to join a contest by Sannie’s Sieraden.

All the participants received a package with all kind of beads, (see picture). We had the choice to make any kind of jewelry, as long that every kind of bead is used in our beadwork! Yes, also the spikes!

See next message for the result!


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My Version of ‘Little pot with flowers’.( Petit Pot des Fleurs)

Merci Laure pour l’atelier ‘Petit Pot des Fleurs’!

Voilà mon version:

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So far, so good…


…and we go on!

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Merry X-mass & Happy 2012!!!

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Dag Sinterklaasje!

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More Pictures Angel Chain or Collana Angelica!

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Pâques en France, Limousin…

Geen kraaltjes met Pasen, maar een deugddoende vakantie in het prachtige Frankrijk, regio Limousin.
Prachtige natuur, afwisselend landschap met heuvels en meren…dieren in het wild gezien zoals reeën, buizerds,…
Hier een paar fotootjes…

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