Barok Earrings

Barok Earrings Made with 8mm Renaissance pearls, Swarovski drops, and Miyuki delica and rocailles.

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My Bead Embroidered Earrings…

My Bead Embroidered Earrings...

I made these earrings from the book:
Sensational Bead Embroidery by Sherry Serafini.
Click on the photo to visit the website from this amazing beading Artiste!

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Earrings Superduo Jolie – click photo!

Earrings Superduo Jolie

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Beaded Embroidery Earrings

My second try-out with Bead Embroidery was to make a cuff with hematite cabochons.

Because I did not measure well, the beads came out on the end not as it should be,

so I decided to start over again, except for the 2 drops,

I decided to make earrings of it, so all the beadwork was not done for nothing,

and I have something to show off!! lol!

Next time better!Hematite



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Crystal Earrings

Stilaan wordt het een parure…
Schéma komt uit Bead & Button Magazine…

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